Filippo Calzavara

Data engineer

Hello! My name is Filippo. I am student at the EIT Digital Academy, Double Degree major in Data Science and minor in I&E.
I am currently pursuing a MSc in Computer Science Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy and the Technical University of Madrid, Spain.

Throughout my experiences I have gained strong passion for Computer Science and my most recent projects aim to make everyone's life a little more smart.
My philosophy is...

Don't complicate


Poldo (Wimpy)

I'm the co-founder of Poldo: a web based application used by students to purchase snacks through Smartphone, PC and Tablet.

Since March 2012 our high school adopted Poldo as primary and exclusive reservation system, saving time and paper.

The system still serves 300 students per day, with more than 30.000 snacks sold every year.

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Recently opened!

The temporary cloud service

I also developed, a web-based temporary cloud serivce that aims to definitely replace USB drives and auto-emailing in order to move files from one device to another. Check it out:

On the upload page, users are able to decide how long the files will be stored for. After this time everything uploaded will be wiped off.

A full-encrypted system

Every file uploaded is full encrypted and keys are not stored locally, hence nobody can access to users' data and see the content, neither the system administrator.

The only way to retrieve files is though the unique link or the QR Code, compatible every device or app available on the market


Cyber Security: My keen interest on cryptography and data security led me to choose the following topic for my High School's final thesis: ​Data security - A demonstration of credit card cloning through NFC technology. Could smartphone increase security randomizing cards number? Introducing cross-platform payments based on QR code. In addition, I'm a full supporter of Linux and the Politecnico Open Unix Labs. I also use RaspberryPi.

High School commitments: I've been elected Students' Representative of G.Marconi High School in Verona. I was also a member of the Institute Regulations Committee and co-organizer of several conference, debate and advanced classes.

Data Analysis: I'm interested in data mining and websites with social network interactions. In particular, within many projects developed we were able to collect and analyze data for statistical purposes and for a better experience of users.

ESN Italy (volunteer): I'm a member of the Erasmus Student Network, a non-profit organisation which aims to support and improve students' exchange through activities focused on the integration process.

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Filippo Calzavara
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